If you any questions about our application please let us know by Contacting Us here. We are happy to help you out. Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you out along the way.

  • Forums are a casual time for you to learn more about our organization and mingle with current members meaning attire is casual.
  • Round 1 Interviews are organic and allow you a space to freely interact with others; therefore, dress is casual.
  • Round 2 Interviews are more targeted at getting to know new members on a personal level so dress is business casual.
Attendance is not required at either forum nor is attendance at Forum considered a requirement during the application process. Fall and Spring Forums are conducted in very similar manners to best accommodate all interested students; therefore, attendance is encouraged for at least one but not for both.
Letters of recommendation are truly optional. While they do help in providing us more information about you as an individual, we recognize that not everyone is able to submit them for various reasons.
While we are unable to release our official numbers, our new member classes differ by size each year due to a variety of factors including how many seniors graduate and how much support is required by the Dean of Students Office.
There is no checklist of qualities for being a Campus Diplomat. Our organization prides itself in our diverse membership who each bring a new perspective to our general body. Overall, we are looking for individuals with a passion to serve our university.