Frequently Asked Questions

The University of Florida Campus Diplomats is an organization comprised of diverse, out-going student leaders who serve as the official ambassadors to the Dean of Students Office. Each Campus Diplomat works closely with the Dean of Students Office staff to personalize the UF for students, families, faculty and staff.
The Campus Diplomats aim to accommodate new and current students of the University to help individualize their experience in a school of 53,000+. Through programs, events and outreach, Campus Diplomats both develop critical leadership skills within the organization that will benefit them in future endeavors, and bring together groups of students from around campus who are looking for ways to become more familiarized.
Weeks of Welcome for all students; Welcome to the Gator Nation for transfer students; Welcome to the Sunshine State for out-of-stater gators; Fall Family Weekend and Spring Family Weekend; Haunted Housing for graduate students and their families; Apple For U for recognizing our professors and faculty each semester; Ethics and Civility Week and Conflict Resolution Week with the SCCR; Gatornational with the UF International Center; Common Reading Program with NSFP.
We have weekly meetings on Wednesday starting at 6:15 p.m. We ask our members to actively participate by attending all of our programs, participating in a select amount of events by the end of each semester, and attend socials. Members also have the opportunity to serve as a chair under one of our 5 directors.
Each spring, the Campus Diplomats participate in Relay for Life to support the American Cancer Society and the UF community. The Campus Diplomats also co-host a Veteran’s Day car wash with the Collegiate Veterans Success Center every fall semester. During Spring Family Weekend, we host the Dips Dash 5K, an annual fundraising event to help support the Disability Resource Center. Members are always welcome to suggest new community service projects, such as Dance Marathon.